Monday, November 11, 2013

An Experiment in Cross Stitch

About three weeks ago I found a website called Sprite Stitch. It's an absolute haven for crafty nerds like me and as I scrolled through the multitudes of free patterns available through the site, I just fell in love. I've been a semiprofessional crocheter for almost fourteen years and a gamer for my entire life. The epic projects that I found on Sprite Stitch were just too much to pass up. And, again, they're free.

At the moment, I'm just starting small on a project and pattern that aren't from the site. It's a simple monochromatic octopus and so far, I'm in love with the entire idea and art of cross stitching. This is what I have so far on Mr. Octopus since I got all of my embroidery supplies in the mail this afternoon. It's on 16 mesh Aida fabric.

I'm hoping to finish this first project up within the week so I can move on to other things and hopefully make a few Christmas gifts before time runs out. I also have a bunch of tests coming up within the next few weeks and a multitude of other gifts to work on for the holidays. Hopefully I can put a post up sometime this weekend for all the quilts and crocheted blankets I've been making. I've got a lot of work to do before Christmas and only a few short weeks to get it all done. I hope that this blog can help me stay motivated and spark some creativity in others along the way.

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