Friday, February 7, 2014

Bellsprout: Cut Out (2/20 Done!)

Well, he's finally done. Charmander still doesn't have a head, but Bellsprout is 100% done. It took me until Tuesday night to work up enough courage to use my new Xacto knife, but once I got the hang of cutting things out, I actually had quite an enjoyable time extracting Bellsprout from his plastic canvas prison.  I ended up with so many little pieces of plastic on my desk, though! Look at the pile of little plasitc bits that I ended up with on my desk.
My next step was to try and find a better way of backing this little guy. I used sticky felt and scissors last time with Bulbasaur and I had a terrible time with the adhesive sticking to my scissors, so I was hesitant to reuse the method. I liked that the sticky felt held all the threads in place, though. A friend on Sprite Stitch recommended that I just take stiffened felt and backstitch it to my canvas, but quite honestly, I've never tried backstitching on a project before and it just sounded scary.

So, it was back to the sticky felt. I wasn't sure how the adhesive would behave with my Xacto knife, so I just went for it. As it turns out, an Xacto knife cuts through that stickiness pretty darn well and I was able to back Bellsprout and add a hanger to him relatively fast before getting ready for  class. (Yeah! I've actually been on top of my studying so far this semester, so I've had some time to not only craft, but craft on weekdays again!)

Anyhow, hopefully I'm back indefinitely in terms of posting. I have about three other posts in the works today and--finger's crossed--my studies won't end up consuming all my time again. Like I said, fingers crossed!

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