Friday, April 3, 2015

SO's Blanket: Complete!

As you may know, SO and I have been together for over five years. When we first started dating, I was only a crocheter and spent countless hours on his couch crocheting blankets for others. When I finally got around to starting his blanket around Thanksgiving 2011, I think the blanket went through four froggings and a plethora of pattern ideas before I finally settled on just a simple giant granny square like the one I had been working on for myself.

It's funny because I distinctly remember dragging this blanket around with me on a regular basis for the first few months that I worked on it and once it got too big, my progress on it really began to come to a standstill because I was rarely home between work and school. In total it took me almost four years to get SO's Blanket done, but he absolutely loves it, so it was worth all the time, all the yarn (almost four miles of it!), all the carpal tunnel issues were worth it. It now lovingly lives on SO's Queen Size bed as shown below and I just got word that he "had the best night's rest he's had in months" because of it!

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