Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Shiny Squirtle FO for Christmas

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope that this post reaches you in good health and high spirits. After weeks of toiling, twelve hours of work on the turtle himself, and a countless number of hours (twenty plus?) filling in the background, this little guy is finally complete!

I am also pleased to say that SO loved him more than I thought he would, too. In fact, this little squirtle was beloved that I was asked not to sew him into an ornament, but instead finish this piece so that it could be hung up on the wall all year round. I think I was more excited than SO when he said that!

Some information on the pattern before I forget. This pattern was made by littlemojo. An archive of his Pokemon patterns can be found here. I'm not sure if all 718 species are posted on there, but if you're looking for a particular one and can't find it, I know that the Squirtle file included Wartortle and Blastoise, as well, so that might be a way for you to locate missing patterns.

Merry Christmas,

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