Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Home Sweet Home Yoshi WIP 020

Well, the tree finally exists as of February 27. I didn't realize it then, but if you look on second  eave, I actually missed a stitch and had to tear it all out later on when I couldn't get the bottom of the hearth to match the upper chimney. I have to admit that working on the hearth has been a really fun part of this project. It took a lot of  planning and logistics make sure that the backside of this project stayed clean as I was stitching it in, but for me that was one of the best parts.

Total stitches now total at 2,339/21,600 (10.83%) with 21 hours 11 minutes put in so far. So, if I did my math right, I should have this project done in around 200 hours or so.

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