Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July Goals: The Stash Down Month

Well, it's finally July. I can barely believe it. Where has summer gone? How have I gained so much weight? And most importantly, how is my house such a disaster?

In doing some spring summer cleaning this morning, I realized that I have just too much going on in my realm of crafting. Most of these projects are blankets that I need to finish crocheting, but there are other projects, too, like my cross stitching and scrap booking. So, to follow in the footsteps of another craft blog that I was recently reading, I'm setting out with my goals for the month!

  1. Use up all of the remaining cotton yarn in my stash, roughly one cone. (I see a lot of dishcloths and hot pads in my future.)
  2. Add 2,000+ stitches to Home Sweet Home Yoshi.
  3. Finish one pokemon ornament, most likely Ivysaur.
  4. Add at least 20 rounds to Ian's blanket.
Ambitious, but doable if I put my mind to it. Now I just need to learn how to crochet and run. Have you ever seen the marathoners that knit scarves while they run? It's incredible.


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