Friday, July 11, 2014

Home Sweet Home Yoshi WIP 021 & 022

Remember in my last post how I mentioned that I made a mistake on one of the tree's eaves that that I'd later have to go back and fix it all? Well, that's why WIP 021 an 022 are one and the same. All that you see below was put in on March 2 and pulled out the next day before I put it all back in correctly. Honestly, I just cut it all out and used a lint roller to pick up all the stray strands of embroidery floss that lingered on. It was tedious process, but let me tell you, for full on stitch-demolition, a seam ripper (like the one you would use for a sewing project) is an awesome tool to have around.

I didn't double count stitches, so after WIP 022, I'm roughly 2,468 stitches in at 22 hours 44 minutes.

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