Friday, January 3, 2014

Home Sweet Home WIP 006

Being sick has interesting effects on me as a crafter. Either I lie down in bed for days on end praying for a merciless death or I'm sick in that strange alive-but-not-well-enough-to-do-anything situation. When experiencing the latter, I tend to curl up with streaming videos and pull out the hooks and needles. December 26 was one of those icky/alive days where I curled up in SO's gaming room again and cuddled with a box of kleenex all day while he played on the Wii U and hung out with one of our good friends who was home from college. And for the record, SO was also an amazing boyfriend. He wore a lot of a hats on the day after Christmas, but he was still a really stand-up boyfriend. If I needed something, all I had to do was ask and he'd get it for me. I'm really, really grateful for all his help in making me feel better. Without him, I would have just been gooey and miserable for the entirety of my cold.

Being sick actually benefited my HSHY cross stitch tremendously. I was able to spend another 2-3 hours on it throughout the day when I was feeling perkier and whenever I got too tired to keep chugging, I'd just grab a pillow and blanket and crashed out for a few hours while he played video games or graded papers for his students.

Progress as of 12/26/2013.

In total, I've spent eight hours on this project so far and put down 791 stitches (3.66%), another big jump from where I was at WIP 005. I hope that I'll be able to complete a decent chunk of this project before going back to work and school on the 22nd. It's an ambitious goal, but if I could even get a quarter of this project done by then, it would be a huge accomplishment.

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