Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year Resolution: Pokemon Sprites Coming Out My Ears!

Well, I know that I've said it already, but happy new year, everyone! With the holiday season finally over and a fresh year upon us, new year's resolutions are also looming. This year, I didn't make any resolutions. Instead, I made a promise to SO that by next Christmas, I would have a bunch of Pokemon Christmas ornaments to hang on his Christmas tree. I've already gone to my local craft store and bought out their supply of 14 Count plastic canvas, 20 yards worth of ribbon, jump rings, and felt. Here's the horde from when I got back from Michael's (along with a Makibird pattern for Bulbasaur.)
I actually made Bulba over the course of two days. Working with plastic instead of Aida was an interesting experience to say the least. Hiding my threads as I moved around the piece was a good learning experience with the clear plastic and I've found that the stickiest substance in the universe is the adhesive that felt manufacturers put on the back of the "Peel N Stick" stuff you can buy. I tried using permanent spray glue to adhere to regular, stiffened felt, but for some reason it wouldn't stick, so for now I just plan on continuing to use Peel N Stick until I can find a better alternative.

Here's Bulbasaur in progress and him once he's all finished. I worked on him consistently for two days and I'm glad to say that he turned out amazingly for an experimental run. The next pokemon in my line up is Bellsprout. He's a lot more twiggy than Bulba, but I think with enough patience, he'll look just fine.

#001 Bulbasaur

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