Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Home Sweet Home Yoshi WIP 007 & 008

Well, yesterday was a big day (which almost ended in this post being delayed by a day or so.) One of my good friends graduated from the police academy today and the two to three hour ceremony that I thought we were attending ended up lasting from 2:00pm to nearly 8:00. The unexpected dinner was unexpected, but I didn't realize that I would be back to SO's house so late and in turn, typing this post so far beyond my bed time.

WIP 007 and 008 were completed on December 27 and December 31 respectively. I was still getting over that nasty cold on the 27th, so I didn't add very much to this piece (only 27 stitches), but working on it every day and documenting my progress has helped me to stay motivated during this first large project. I've actually been eying the Super Mario World world map (1000x1000 stitches) to start working on after this, but I don't even know if I can get Aida cloth large enough to accommodate a project that large by shopping locally. I suppose I'll have to look into all of that when the time comes.

Time for my favorite part of these posts, though! THE STATISTICS!

WIP 007 added 27 stitches and 21 minutes worth of work to my project totals, bringing total stitches to 818/21,600 (3.78%) and total time up to 8 hours 22 minutes.
WIP 008 added a smidgen more to the mix with 45 minutes worth of work and 36 new stitches sewn in. My totals as of December 31, 2013 (the end of the year, can you believe it!) were 854/21,600 stitches (3.95%) and 9 hours 7 minutes worth of work on this piece overall. I wish I could have done more, but such is life. If I can get it done by the end of the Spring semester at Uni, that would be remarkable, but also extremely ambitious. Honestly, if I could just get the black outlines and background of the piece done by the end of May, that would be a job well done. This semester won't be like the last. I'm not working nights anymore, so sneaking stitching in at work will be a near impossibility.
I hope everyone has been sticking to their resolutions and staying warm through this very cold spell. I now that it's been getting down to the 20s and 30s Fahrenheit at my house and I live right outside of San Diego! (It does give me an excuse to stay inside and craft, though...) Hang in there! Spring is right around the corner.

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